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7 Tips for Choosing a Fantastic Make-up Mirror

Want to Dranatically Improve How Good You Look? 7 Tips for Choosing a Fantastic Make-up Mirror
by: Mark Stephen Thevenot

1) Lighted mirrors – good lighting is critical. Incandescent halo lighting is best. It produces low heat and soft light, is glare and shadow-free and makes facial details more visible.

2) Variable light - choose a make-up mirror with variable settings. Some mirrors offer 4 settings; day/evening and home/office.

3) Magnification – 3x to 8x mirrors are adequate for most makeup applications. I prefer two-sided mirrors with 1x magnification on the reverse side, but this a personal preference. Make–up mirrors in the 3x to 8x magnification range enable fine tweezing, detailing, blending and quantity control. Magnification strength up to12x is available, if you are interested in seeing individual skin pores.

4) Optical quality – purchasing an optically correct “OC” mirror is very important if you wear glasses or contact lens. OC make-up mirrors allow distortion free viewing without them. They are also great for putting on contact lens.

5) Hands free – some of us are nimble enough to hold a make-up mirror, apply eye liner and drive to work at the same time. However, a hands free mirror is generally safer and easier to use. Your make-up mirror should have a stable non-slip base and be height and angle adjustable.

6) Style – consider where your make-up mirror will be stationed, then make your selection based on functionality first and d├ęcor second.

7) Size does matter! – consider width, height and mirror angle. If choosing a wall mount, be sure it will fit on you wall and extend far enough to reach your face. If the mirror light requires 110V, you must select a hard wire or a cord model. Be sure you can access an electrical outlet. Vanity models should be height and angle adjustable so you will not have to bend over it or stack books under it. If you are purchasing makeup mirrors for your store’s cosmetics counter, think of your customers, including those in a wheelchair. Travel models should fold or include a case to protect the mirror surface and must be small enough to fit in your travel bag.

A fantastic make-up mirror can improve how you see yourself and how others see you as well. Choose wisely!


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